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Plumbing Permit and Registered Master Plumber Requirements
Plumbing permits are required to construct, enlarge, alter, repair, move, demolish or change occupancy of a building or structure. Only Registered Master Plumbers who possess a current plumbing license or owner/occupant of an existing single family dwelling may apply for a plumbing permit.

A Registered Master Plumber receives his/her license after meeting the following criteria:

• Minimum 4 years (8,000 hours) work experience as an apprentice employed by a Master Plumber and 576 training hours at an accredited school in order to apply for the Journeyman Plumber exam that is given by ACHD.

• Once Journeyman Plumber status is achieved, must have 2 years work experience under the employ of a Master Plumber in order to apply for the Master Plumber exam that is given by ACHD.
Search for Master Plumbers in Allegheny County
You can search by a registered master plumber’s last name, five-digit HP ID (Health Permit Identification Number) or zip code to get all who have an address within a given zip code. Also, clicking on “search” will provide a complete list of all registered master plumbers in Allegheny County.
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